• Image of Φαλκονέρα 'Ζαλάδα στην Ελλάδα' 12"

Falkonera is a small rocky island located in the South Aegean Sea, very important for the Greek navigation due to its geographical location.
It’s the place where the maritime disaster with a shipwreck and 273 dead people happened in December 1966.
Besides that, Falkonera is a new band from Athens, Greece, that delivers super catchy punk rock with a huge synth punk touch.
It is true that this specific genre, along with post-punk, is very popular in Greece nowadays but we dare to say that Falkonera have a unique sound of their own.
‘Ζαλάδα στην Ελλάδα’ (‘Dizziness in Greece’) is their debut full length (following the 2019 EP) that includes 8 songs of melodic synth / punk rock.
Songs about the everyday reality in Greece, drinking beers, living fast / dying young, the petit bourgeois class, working in a factory, etc.
The album comes in a 12” limited to 250 copies, including an insert.
Co-released by Patari Records, Scarecrow Records, B-Other Side Records & World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records.

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