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This is WAK061.
Official release date: 14.07.2018

BLACK LINING from Buenos Mayence aka Mainz, Germany are a punk rock band that loiters somewhere between a grungy version of Lookout-era Green Day and Bad Religion on a poppy day. It's fast and fun, and even though they might not want to incite the next street riot with every song, misogynists and all other kinds of dim-witted dumbasses better go party someplace else because Black Lining take no prisoners.
The three individuals behind the band are not new to music. Singer and guitarist Seba used to play with his pop punk band Euforia back in Argentina (www.facebook.com/euforiaweb), drummer Michael also destroys cymbals with his screamo band Maskros (www.facebook.com/maskrosband) and bassist Cornelius rakes in big bucks as DIY promoter Keep it a Secret to finance his vinyl addiction (www.facebook.com/keepitasecretdiy).


Pressing Info:
300 copies
3 colours available; green, red, white [100pcs of each]
Stickers for free

1. Grumpy Clown 02:51
2. Sunshine Campaign 01:43
3. Bottom Line 02:07

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