• Image of Corpses / Kamikazi split LP

This is WAK051.
Release date: 24th March 2015.

Corpses from Athens team up with Kamikazi from Thessaloniki for this great split 12".
For fans of hardcore, punk, rock 'n' roll, d-beat & sludge.

Pressing Info:
500 x black 180g vinyl.

Corpses side:
1. Fuck off and die
2. Death to you all
3. Drunk
4. When truth and suicide become one the same
5. I spit on your grave
Kamikazi side:
1. Outcast
2. Uprise
3. Sick fuck
4. Down by the city
5. One million reasons

*co-released with Noise Effect Records.
Limited to 500 copies.

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